Thursday, 3 July 2014

Hypermodern Music

Just a quick thought-drop, something I intend to expand on later:

Hypermodernism has been expressed in some current, some not-so current trends of music. It's been expressed as a tendency to create fractious but organic textures as a large part of the musical rhetoric/language. It's often mistaken as a flirtation with noise elements, but it actually expresses the tonal ("normal" pitched music) through textures and structures more often traditionally used in noise music, and even through textured sounds that barely resemble something pleasant.

See: Burial's later works, SOPHIE, sd laika, TCF. 

Monday, 30 June 2014

Recommencing Transmissions

It's been nearly two years since I last used this blog, and even longer than that since I've used it with any sort of regularity.

Hi, I'm Bunny, you may remember me from such cultural entities as Aural Sects, my main music project Pe† Ceme†ery, or my radio show Supersymmetries over at Future Music FM, or let's be honest and say you probably just found your way here from my personal Facebook page. It's funny that, how even in an era of hyper-connectivity, one is still primarily known through their immediate social contacts. There's got to be some lovely sociological theory and/or model that describes how people are less likely to know what you actually do the further away they are in "social distance" from you. Hmm.

Anyways, I digress (not that it's going to be an uncommon thing going forward). I'm determined to begin blogging again because, if I'm entirely honest, I'm ridiculously out of practice. It's an entirely selfish thing to do in the first place, but I have a digital mountain of unprocessed notes and thoughts (and news!) that will otherwise just sit there for an eternity, and I thought it'd be better to process them and shove them out into an arena where they could at least be mildly entertaining for other, similarly-minded creatures in the worldwideweberverse. 

So yeah, daily writing. Expect it. Also expect: thoughts, music thoughts, music reviews, general reviews, ideas - oh god the ideas, and notes on the future as it develops. Other than this post you're reading now, I'm going to strive to actually make the inside of my brain look interesting.

That'll do for now. The first word injection shall be administered shortly. As a thanks for making it this far, here's some of the soundtrack to this horrendously fatuous and fractured post.

Ben Frost - Aurora (huge beautiful grumpy noises)
Bayou - Loopback (ridiculously inspired leftfield electronic pop)